…The ride home

It’s easy to blame the commute for a lot of things.

I blame it for not seeing my daughter as much as I would like.

I blame it for my inability to find time to exercise.

I blame it for not eating better, since it’s less possible for me to get home in time for family dinner, and gives us less time to cook and eat healthy foods.

While I am working to address each of these issues, rather than simply living with the excuses, the hour to 1:30 I spend in transit, twice daily – nearly 10 percent of my life – is something I have to accept, and use more effectively.

So this weekend I thought, “Maybe it would be a good time to blog?” At least a few days a week, I will use the ride home to put together my posts for the Yankee, and maybe, just maybe it will provide the structure I need to think, gather, share and start discussion.

Hoping to take this blog in a new direction as a way to get it going again. Not sure if this strategy means I’ll stick to it, but it’s worth a shot.

Have a blog? What are your strategies for getting it done?


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    I try to set aside a couple mornings for blogging and/or other writing projects. Works reasonably well, though lately there have seemed to be a lot of workshops needing to be prepped during that timeframe. I also try to write my CookingChat blog posts as I cook, which has helped.

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