A New Year, a new post – Simplify, amplify, shine

Oh God, here it comes. It’s another end-of-year-navel-gazing-I-want-to-be-better-and-here-are-my-three-words-for-the-New-Year post.

Yes it is. It’s also a way to end 2013 with my first post in 381 days.

But on some level, this post isn’t really for you. It’s for me.

Having had a week off (as off as one can have through Christmas with a 3-year-old), I have had a chance to look in the mirror and recognize a person who is not just his job. And I’m neither fully enchanted nor disappointed with what I see. I see someone who has a job he likes, who has a family he loves, who has a body that’s gotten a little heavier and has a mind he needs to stretch.

He’s a little grayer, a little older, and maybe a little wiser.

He’s comfortable, but not satisfied. He’s challenged, but not fully fulfilled.

On the one hand, that’s a pretty good place to be – and reality is, I’m never going to wake up and say, “Oh gosh, this is it. This is where I always wanted to be and I never want to leave.”

But maybe this year is the year that I (and maybe you, if you want) will try a little harder to get close to that perfect place. Maybe this is the year I try to find that balance between work I care about and working to provide for the people I care about. Maybe it’s the year I worry a little less about stuff for myself and a little more about my self. It’s time (and I have said this before, I’m sure) to tap into what really matters – and not worry about the extraneous things.


That slides me into my second word. Part of being able to focus on what’s important is to be able to express what’s important. And maybe it’s the year I learn, after 20 years of working in media and communications, providing the content for other people’s voices, that it’s time to let my own voice out again – to highlight not just what I have to say, but what others say that has value to me.


And it’s funny, until I started this post, I didn’t have my third word. Now I think I do. I want to find ways to bring light to things that matter. I want to bring forward and polish up the pieces of me and the environment around me that I value. And I want to find ways to radiate and reflect better those things that others value in me, and brighten the space around me. My third word for 2014 might be my favorite – at least as the clock tolls midnight and the new year begins. It has the most meanings, and also may be the hardest to live up to.


Three words for 2014: Simplify, amplify, shine.


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    Good themes Ted! I don’t have anything as catchy, I’d say an overall theme is trying to be more intentional about linking big goals with every day habits and practices. Applies on both the work and family front.

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