Got twitter? There are apps for that

Always nice to feature local folks on my NECN gig – and today I gave a little shout to the soon-to-open apps store for Twitter at The site will be your place to go for hundreds of Twitter applications – from desktop clients to productivity software and more. It’s still in Beta right now, but will open to the public very soon. The site is based in Cambridge, Mass. and Laura Fitton, who co-wrote the book “Twitter for Dummies” and is a Boston native, is the founder of the company.

I also mentioned short items on the Wii price cut and Mirosoft’s alleged new phones. But oneforty is the hit of the group. Yesterday it pointed me to unfollow, where my quest to trim down the dead weight from my following list ended with the discovery that many of my friends are the dead weight. Couldn’t pull the plug on most of them.