ONA takeaway – Dear news company: Your ad model is dead.

The Online News Association annual conference in Boston this past week has already been analyzed by a billion of its thousand attendees, and it’s been interesting to see the various takes.

Many posts have been very positive, filled with excitement, inspiration and idealism for the future.

This is not really one of them.

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Retail media: another reason for publishers to sweat

As if the ad-based model wasn’t already under enough pressure for traditional media organizations…

I spent part of Wednesday at a FutureM session on “Retail Media”, which encompasses retail companies’ efforts to create media and media partnerships to leverage their own site traffic for further reach and profits. Among the concepts, for companies like CVS to partner up with suppliers to advertise and provide on the CVS.com site – and create new health content for consumers.

Translation for traditional media organizations – not only are companies like CVS (who had a rep on the panel) taking their advertising spend online, they’re becoming content creators who can appeal to their suppliers as a media entity. And as that happens, media organizations face a real uphill fight.

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