A lot to like, but not perfect yet

Start with the basics. I am a Boston Globe Sunday subscriber, and as it did with me for the New York Times, the soon-to-be subscription-only online edition of the paper will keep me a subscriber. The new Globe site doesn’t blow my doors off, but it’s enough to give me something easy to digest during the week along with my Sunday coffee ritual.

So – they’re keeping me. Mission accomplished.

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Funding Local Investigative Journalism

Oh, I feel like a corporate tool. Rick Burnes over at 9Neighbors is kicking around this idea for how one could fund local investigative journalism that goes beyond the daily (but still good) work that bloggers and responsible journalists are doing. But can bigger projects make money, without creating a massive bureaucracy of applications for grants? Is a local ad network doable? I must be in corporate mode tonight because I’m not feeling the magic, but I do feel like there is something there. Read his post – linked below… and post your thoughts.

Rick Burnes’ Blog: Two More Ways to Fund Local Investigative Journalism